What to do when you have a few minutes left at the end of class 

We have all been there. Your lesson has finished and you have five minutes left before the bell rings. What should you do? Here are some simple ideas for you to try.


Review and revisit key vocabulary and concepts taught in the lesson. Have the children say one thing that they learnt in the lesson. They can also write it and you can add it to your working wall.


Think about and discuss ways in which the lesson might relate and link to every day life.


Use exit tickets to allow children to reflect on the lesson and their learning and help you plan for the next.


Ask pupils to write a question and answer and mix them up to use as a starter next lesson.

Intellectually Challenge

Give them an extra challenge that will extend their learning on what has been taught.

Technologically Engage

Engage pupils in an online interactive game that is linked to the taught concepts.

Golden time

Allow your pupils to unwind with some free time to draw or create something of their choice. You will be amazed by some pupils’ creativity!


After children have finished all their tasks allow them to be transported to their chosen worlds through their reading book or start reading them a story that you can continue at a later time.

What do you do when you have a few minutes left at the end of a class? Leave a comment below.

Till next time…


2 comments on “What to do when you have a few minutes left at the end of class ”
  1. Justina Ochei says:

    Very informative and useful. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for these ideas. An intellectual challenge is a good takeaway from the class.


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