5 Ways to Use a Timer in the Classroom

Timers are a must tool for teachers. Here are five ways I love to use a timer in my classroom!

1. Sharing Time –  Setting a timer for sharing time is helpful to stay on schedule and to avoid having that one pupil who takes forever! It happens in every classroom. 

2. Lining Up – The task of lining up can take a long time! If you set the timer for 30 seconds and give the challenge to the students to line up and be ready when the timer goes off, it helps cut down the transition time. You can also do this for other transitions during the day, such as getting ready for centers, cleaning up, and going to specials.

3. Group Time – It’s easy for me to lose track of time and that can lead to me spending more time with a small group. The timer keeps me on track and helps me spend equal time with groups. It also signals to students that it’s time to switch centers.

4. Independent Work Time – I like to set a timer when it’s independent work time for pupils as it helps them pace themselves, stay on track and understand how much time is left.

5. Tidying up– After an art lesson or at the end of the day, use the timer to get everyone to tidy up. Kids love it and the results are incredible!

How do you use timers in the classroom? Leave a comment below.

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