Cute Face Masks for Kids

This year’s must-have back-to-school item for children and teachers in many countries is face masks. With the Covid_19 pandemic still around, it’s important that we all go back to school in the safest way possible. Having child-friendly face masks in terms of fit and appeal, will help with the solution rather than the problem. A face mask that your child will want to wear will make everyone’s life so much easier!

Below are my ten picks from the internet of super cute masks for kids.
Click on the images to go to the sites. Which one is your favourite?

1. For those who feel like they have super powers!

2. Wear a mask that suits your mood.

3. For the more serious.

4. Hoodie and mask combo! I’m in love!

5. Cute headband and mask combo!

6. So many options for both boys and girls. You can choose the size too!

7. Cute disposable masks.

8. For a more modern look.

9. So cute! I would wear these too!

10. DIY

If you are not looking into buying any, why not use these as ideas to make your own face mask at home with the fabric of your choice? Make sure you choose a thick, cotton fabric. If it’s too thin it won’t protect your child and let’s not forget that this is all about staying safe! I made this from old scraps of material left over from my ‘Africa’ classroom display. I plan on wearing them to school once it starts.

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Till next time…

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