‘Africa’ Classroom Display Idea

Displays are an important part of any classroom, as they make the room appear more inviting and encourage learning. A good classroom display engages, informs and brightens up the atmosphere of the classroom.

In this post I’d like to share a display that worked really well with the book titled ‘Africa is Not a Country’ by Margy Burns Knight. The book describes the daily life of children in the many countries of modern Africa. Countering stereotypes, ‘Africa Is Not a Country’ celebrates the extraordinary diversity of this vibrant continent as experienced by children at home, at school, at work, and at play.

I used card for the background and the continent silhouette. For the countries, I cut out the shapes from cardboard and wrapped them with fabric. I then used string to show where they would go approximately on on the continent and labelled the countries as well as the capital cities.

For art we created African style masks and for our English lessons we learned how write comparisons as we compared the lives of children living in different African countries. Lastly, we even learned a song in Swahili! This unit is a favourite!

I hope this inspires you to create an even better classroom display.
Do share, I’d love to see yours!

Supplement this unit with the videos below:

Listen to this African Tale: Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

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Till next time…

Special thanks to Chica Latina for the fabric.

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