The Rainforest Part 2: Shaman’s Apprentice – Free Literacy Resources

Remote learning is now the new reality for teachers and pupils worldwide. Everyone has had to adapt swiftly to this new way of teaching and learning and I have to say I think we’re all doing really well considering the immense steepness of our learning curve!

It’s a pleasure to share these free editable resources for the second part of a Rainforest unit to help fellow colleagues, parents and pupils out there. They have been created for Y4 and our online learning, now that schools are closed, but will most definitely use them again next year once schools are open and teaching is back to the way it works best.

These resources are based on the book ‘The Shaman’s Apprentice’ by Lynne Cherry and have been adapted from the Hamilton unit on persuasive writing. The Shaman’s Apprentice tells the story of a Tirio Indian boy who dreams of one day being the tribal shaman, and how he and his people learn the importance of their own knowledge about the healing properties of the rain forest. Shamans have passed their wisdom of the medicinal values of rain forest plants from one generation to the next, for thousands of years, in the jungle of the Amazon.

Access the free editable PowerPoints by clicking on the images below. Make sure to download them first and then feel free to edit away!

The first part of the rainforest unit is based on the book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry. If you are interested, you can find those editable free resources by clicking HERE.

During these unprecedented times we must stick together and help each other out.

I hope you find them helpful and edit them as you wish to suit your needs. Thank you for all your wonderful feedback about ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ free resources (Part 1) and I am so happy that you are using them!

I hope you like these just as much!

Till next time…

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