Quarantine Survival Kit for Kids

Dear Parents, during unprecedented times like these some old tricks just don’t hack it so I’ve compiled some ideas to help you and your children make it through a bit more of the quarantine that’s ahead!

Quarantine Survival Kit for Younger Children

  • Modelling Clay or Plasticine – can be bought in supermarkets.
  • Headphones – these are a must for attending online classes, listening to audiobooks, playing games and for some adult peace and quiet.
  • Bouncing castle – if you have a garden this will keep you little ones active.
  • Chalk – decorate your driveway or pavement and bring smiles to all who pass by.
  • Toys – I’m sure you have plenty at home.
  • Kindle Fire Tablet with Kid-Proof Case – here is an amazon link for you to purchase one, combine it with headphones for the ultimate peace and quiet whilst zoom conferencing and working from home and you can’t read to them. It’s a win-win!
  • Playdough – click to see the recipe for you to make your own if you run out or can’t find any at the supermarket.
  • Markers, colouring pencils and paints.
  • Colouring pages – there are thousands of free online colouring pages for your children here is just one link you may like.

Quarantine Survival Kit for Older Children

When children are a bit older they need something different. They will most definitely miss their friends so they may be online for longer than you may like. However, in times like these being online and talking to their friends might be what will keep them calm and psychologically healthy as long as it’s via a safe platform with parent awareness.

  • Kindle Kids Edition – when the libraries aren’t accessible, this has been a life-saver for keeping our big kids reading and exploring new books!
  • Card Games – some favourite card games for older kids are: UNOExploding Kittens, and You’ve Got Crabs
  • Board Games – have a great family night with some classic board games for older children and adults: Jenga, Monopoly, Scrabble and What Do You Meme: Family Edition
  • Diary – encouraging children to keeping a diary might help them deal with emotions they might have during lockdown time.
  • Make them responsible – teach your children to help with chores around the house.
  • More screen-free ideas here.

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Till next time…

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