Shakespeare – old time favourite

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This display is another one of my old time favourites. It was inspired by the Shakespeare week we had at school. This was made with a Year 2 class. The children had written Shakespearean style stories which had been typed up and printed. They were then mounted onto little Shakespeare characters to make it more fun. Art and literacy combined! I just love cross curricular links!

Here’s how to make it.
You will need:Brown card and beige card for the head, white A4 paper for the ruffle, stapler, black marker, glue, Shakespearean character (click HERE) found from 

What to do: First trace the shape of the head and neck (very important) onto the beige card and cut it out. You should have a bald head outline. Next, trace the shape of the hair onto the brown card and cut it out. Then, stick the hair onto the head. Now use the black marker to make the face as you wish. For the ruffle, take the white A4 paper and fold it accordion style. Fold it in the middle and staple the two edges together so that you have a semi-circle shape. Staple the semi circle ruffle onto the neck and there you have it. You can then staple the head (again from the neck) onto the children’s mounted stories! Here, the colour options are endless!

I chose to display the Shakespeare characters on a theatrical themed backdrop!

Inspired by Shakespeare
Inspired by Shakespeare

I hope you found this helpful and inspiring.

Just follow the steps above, maybe add some of your own pizzaz and give it a go with your kiddos! 

Don’t forget to link up with me and share the results! Can’t wait to see yours!!


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