Classroom Display Idea: Poem Comparison

In Year 4, one of our favourite units from the Hamilton Trust scheme is ‘It’s Raining Cats and Dogs’. In this unit, children are given the opportunity to explore lots of poems about dogs, cats and other pets. They investigate the form and language of a poem and make comparisons between the poems themselves.

Below I’m sharing a classroom display that I created, to help children understand how they might compare poems. It is designed as a point of reference.

To fit the theme, I put the main focus in the umbrella, key words on the rain drops, and finally decorated it with images of cats and dogs that I found on the internet.

When we compare poems we can look at three key areas: language/vocabulary; form/structure and subject/theme.

I hope you like it and find the display both self-explanatory and inspiring!

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Till next time…

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