Tips for flying with young kids

  Flying often, has allowed me to find out what makes parents with kids travel best. You know, the ones you see and think to yourself that’s how it’s done! On my many flights, I’ve talked to parents extensively about what works for them and through careful observation here is what I’ve noticed works best for parents, kids and their fellow passengers. Read on to find out more about how to fly with young kids. 


Choose the right seat. 

Take the car seat for your baby to use on the plane. Though kids under 2 can travel on your lap for free, it’s safer for your little one to have his own seat. Plus, your child will be more comfortable in a car seat, since they most probably be already accustomed to traveling in it.


This cannot be stressed enough. No one enjoys a long day of travelling, needless to say a young child without any perception of time. Think along the lines of books, colouring-in pages, markers, Play-Doh, soft toys, portable DVD player with your children’s favourite programmes (don’t forget the earphones). Basically, anything that will help everyone have a peaceful flight.

Help with pressure changes.

For older kids, chewing gum works just fine. However, with younger ones that can be dangerous, so you might want to consider giving them a pain reliever about half an hour before landing, to alleviate the pain. Make sure to check with your pediatrician though first.

Comfort items.

Don’t forget to bring your kid’s favourite teddy, blanket and pillow to help them get comfortable and feel at home in their new surroundings. These along with their entertainment bits and bobs can be stored in a carry-on bag like the Trunki. These are so cute! If I ever have children, I will most definitely be buying them one. They also act as a back-up source of entertainment if you have to wait for your flight and teaches them responsibility by putting them in charge of their belongings.

Dress for comfort.

 Dress your child in bright, comfortable clothes and sneakers to make them easily visible. They should be dressed in layers because the cabin temperature changes from very warm to cold and also depending on your destination, the weather may vary from one place to another.


Don’t forget the passport! Remember to check all passports ahead of time to avoid any nasty, last-minute surprises!

✈✈✈ Wishing you and your family safe travels!  ✈✈✈

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Till next time…



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