Rainy day art – old time favourite

The rainy day art one of my all time favourite bulletin board displays from a previous year.
This art activity was done in a Year 2 class but can easily be adapted for children of any age.

For the rainy day art…

You will need: Black card, scissors, glue, watercolour paints, white card or paper for background, a silhouette of  a person holding an umbrella (optional)

What to do: First draw a silhouette of a person holding an umbrella onto the black card. Cut it out and stick it onto the white background. Then pick a watercolour, add excess water to make it very watery and paint along the top of the white background. Lift the white card upright so that the paint starts to drip, to look like rain. continue this way with different colours.
Don’t be afraid to experiment. The more colour the better. Let it dry and voila!

Below you have the finished result.

Rainy day art
Card and watercolours

Let me know if you liked this and tried it with your class! 

If you liked it…Don’t forget to share it!


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