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(Part 1) Reading Corner for the classroom with bonus video

Don’t you think that it’s beneficial for children to have a reading corner in the classroom? I do! I think having a reading area in the classroom is very important for children to start loving to read and to read for pleasure . Watch this video to see how I made my reading corner in my dragon themed classroom! I…

2017-2018 Classroom Reveal: Travel Theme

It’s been a week into school and it’s time to reveal this year’s classroom theme. Those who have been following my blog –  a huge shout-out to my amazing 400 followers ❤ THANK YOU! – you already know that this year’s classroom theme is TRAVEL! Obviously, inspired by my love for travelling here is a picture tour of my classroom.…

The classroom reading corner is an area liked by all students. When there is some time to spare from our busy curriculum, they love to sit on the palette couch and get engrossed in a few pages of their favourite book.

Some children are self-motivated and have already discovered the pleasure found in reading, others however still need to be encouraged to do so. Motivating children to read is one of those challenging tasks that every parent and teacher face, at some point.

Reading Signpost img_3395

I believe that an environment which celebrates reading, promotes inquisitiveness and provides ample opportunity for books to be discovered, forms the foundation of learning to read for pleasure. With three-dimensional displays being my ‘thing’ at the moment, I made my own version of the reading signpost idea, to promote reading within my class. The children loved the result and were involved by colouring it in – it got them thinking about the places that were on the signs. Dare I say success…? 

Inquisitiveness has been triggered; hopefully discovery will be next!

One of my dreams is to travel the world. I hope my students follow me and travel to places they have never been to before, for reading will take us everywhere!

Reading takes you places. Where will your reading take you?


Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

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