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  • Strangers at the Stables

    Adelina recommends you read Strangers at the Stables.


    Published by Usborne (2014) – a new edition of the exciting adventure stories set in SANDY LANE STABLES, perfect for pony lovers.

    Sandy Lane Stables has to be closed down because Nick and his wife have to go to America; her father is ill. Rosie, a stable girl, is left in charge of the Sandy Lane Stables, all the regular riders promise to help, and everyone is confident that life at the stables will run smoothly. But disaster strikes when a mysterious couple arrives, supposedly sent to help, Rosie’s suspicions are just the beginning.

    In my opinion this book had no funny parts, but a scary one, that Sandy Lane has to be closed down. This book was fun to read because of a lot of interesting words and you could picture it in your mind. It teaches you to actually take care of others and not only of ourselves. 

    Adelina (age 11)

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    It’s worth a read, especially if you are into horses!

    Till next time…

    Peppi Orfanogianni

  • Chips, Beans and Limousines – Book recommendation


    Chips, Beans and Limousines is the first book of three funny, diary-style books from the point of view of a girls named Bathsheba Clarice de Trop. Written by Leila Rasheed and published by Usborne, in 2008.


    A girl called Bathsheba Clarice de Trop lives with her mum. She has never met her father. One day she returns from school and finds her mother with a strange man. After a lot of discussions, she realises that this man is her father. Bathsheba starts spending time with him and gets to know him better and finally loves him. Bathsheba, Mum, Dad, the cleaner and Bathsheba’s friends were my favourite characters in the book because they were funny.

    I have to say this book was a real page turner!


    I liked this book so much. My favourite part was when Bathsheba found her father because it was very touching. The were only funny bits. I learned that we should never come to fast conclusions like Bathsheba did.

    I recommend this book because it will touch your heart. It’s about the importance of love for your family.

    by Katerina (age 11) 

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    Peppi Orfanogianni