April Fools’ Day Safe Pranks for Kids

This list of April Fools’ safe pranks for kids is filled with safe yet funny ways you can trick your children, or partner up with them and play a practical joke on another unsuspecting family member. No one loves a good prank more than a little kid — and the sillier, the better.

So, if you haven’t already 2023 is the perfect year to introduce your little ones to all the fun that comes with April 1st.

1. Toothpaste Prank

For a harmless (even tasty) prank, hand them a toothbrush topped with… something that looks like toothpaste. Instead, they’ll find their mouth filled with icing, cream cheese, or whatever passable substitute you have on hand.

2. Sleep Time Switcharoo

On the night before April 1, sneak in to your kiddo’s room and make some changes that will surprise them in the morning. Turn the chair upside down, put underwear on the dolls… even switch sleeping siblings into each other’s beds. They’ll wake up to a silly surprise… and know they’re in for a fun and prank-filled April Fools’ Day.

3. Crazy Cookie

If you have cookies with a white filling like Oreos, scrape out the middle and fill it with mayonaise. Your kids will be in for a surprise when they taste it! It can also work with donuts!

4. Sweet Switcheroo

Pop Brussels sprouts on candy sticks and cover them with chocolate or candy wrappers. When your kids are expecting to bite into a cake pop or unwrap a lollipop, they’ll realize your dessert offering was just an April Fool’s joke. Womp womp!

5. Shoe Trick

Fill their shoes with tissue paper or socks so their feet don’t fit inside!

What’s your favourite April Fools’ prank? Leave a comment below.

Till next time…

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