10 World Book Day Ideas 2023

World Book Day is a charity on a mission to help change children’s lives by making reading together and reading for pleasure a habit for life. It is celebrated annually on the first Thursday of March in the UK.

This year it falls on 2nd March 2023 and he theme for this World Book Day follows the message “You Are a Reader,” and there will be a focus on reaching children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

While dressing up is a fun part of World Book Day, that’s not why we celebrate it. The main aim of the day is to encourage children to explore different genres and develop a passion for reading.

  1. Whole School Assembly – Sites like Twinkl have many Powerpoints to get you started.
  2. Dear Author… Help children write letters to their favourite authors, if they can make their letters really personal and interesting, they have a good chance of getting an exciting reply. Write to the authors care of the publishers. You will find the address on the inside cover of one of their books. 
  3. Book Path Carpet the floor wall to wall in books or make a line of books into a path that leads throughout the house. Take photographs of your book carpet. Children are sure to locate a forgotten favourite or an unknown book and want to read/hear it in their book nook.
  4. Whole School D.E.A.R. time: stands for Drop Everything And Read. Children bring their reading book to school and have it with them at all times. When the bell rings in a certain way, children will have to ‘drop’ everything and read for a set amount of time. This is so much fun and it really gets children excited about when they will read during the day. The times must be kept secret so that it comes as a surprise.
  5. Readathon Challenge all pupils to read as many books as they can during the week (maybe link to DEAR time) 
  6. World Book Day Crossword – many available online
  7. Dress up as your favourite character from a book
  8. Decorate Classroom Doors Give each class a theme and decorate the classroom or the doors.

What are you doing for World Book Day this year?

Leave a comment below.

Till next time…


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