5 Easy Valentine’s Day Art Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! February 14th is a special time of year to celebrate love.

For inspiration, I’ve pulled together some fun Valentine’s Day ideas for kids that are perfect for primary school children.

Whether they want to create a simple butterfly pencil valentine for their classmates or a handprint heart tree to hang in your home, they’ll love all of the ways they can be creative this year.

  1. Paper Heart People

Cut out red paper hearts or people and attach accordion strips, then finish with fun googly eyes or any decorative crafts you have on hand. Use your finished product to create festive Valentine’s Day decorations for your child’s room or decorate your home. This fun and easy idea will get your kid’s excited to decorate for this special holiday.

2. Special Delivery Mailboxes

This idea is perfect for teachers who have a classroom full of students who are giving one another special Valentine’s cards and gifts. Include a personalized Valentine’s Day card that all the kids will enjoy receiving. Kids will love to open up their very own mailboxes and see that it is full of Valentine’s day cards and goodies.

More super cute ideas here that use recycled materials:

3. Valentine Flap book

A heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Flap Book where students reflect on and describe what makes the people they care about special.  This flapbook is the perfect Valentine’s Day Craft that you can use in the week leading up to this heartfelt holiday.

4. Geometric Hearts

Perfect for a cross-curricular theme these geographic hearts link maths and art beautifully. The idea is to create polygon shapes inside the heart. There are a couple of ways to go about this: free form and by using a set of lines or even a template to start. Find out more here https://www.deepspacesparkle.com/geometric-hearts/

5. Romero Britto Inspired Hearts

Romero Britto is a Brazilian born artist who now lives in Miami, Florida. His modern pop culture art work is known and celebrated all over the world. Children will love his work and enjoy creating these colourful hearts in Britto’s style.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Till next time…

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