Is Online Teaching Turning Children Into Zombies?

There is no doubt that online learning/teaching has changed education. We often hear about children who are addicted to their smartphones, tablets or video games, adults too. Children are exposed far too much to screen viewing time and many children can seem like zombies if they are over exposed.

So, could and should technology in education raise a red flag? 🚩

For years, prior to technology overload, teachers have argued that teaching to tests and standardised testing is also a way of producing pupils who are zombie-like; pupils who learn to just memorise facts and give the correct answers without developing critical thinking skills and opinions.

Teachers should reevaluate how they use technology in the classroom and not use it just because they can. The technology they choose to use in the classroom should support the curriculum and meet the needs of their pupils effectively. Schools need to re-examine online teaching, they must understand that screen time should be minimised as it can be detrimental for children’s wellbeing. Children often continue to use screens for their down-time and to unwind, even after teaching has come to an end.

If children are unwell, they should not feel pressured to participate in online lessons just because technology allows them to. Similarly, teachers shouldn’t be pressured into teaching online because they cannot get to school, if they are ill or have other serious reasons that don’t allow get them to school.

Parents are equally responsible for teaching kids to use technology in healthy ways. It is imperative that they set limits on technology use and model appropriate technology behavior. Parents, take children outdoors, talk to them, find off-screen activities to share with your children. Snow days are great to get away from the screen and make snowmen and snow angels. Hot days are great for the beach and warm days are wonderful for a picnic! Make the most of this precious time with your kids.

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