New Year, New Teacher Habits!

Happy New Year everyone! Don’t you just love being a teacher? We get a chance to start afresh twice in a year and a second chance to get on track, assuming one has been derailed – you know…life…it happens!

Now is the best time to set goals for the new year. Read on for five goals to set and turn into habits.


A huge issue in the teaching profession is maintaining work-life balance. This is key to maintaining a healthy career. During your note-taking and professional development goal-making, consider setting healthy limits to your at-home grading and planning time, and look for ways to make teaching a more manageable career. Make your wellbeing a priority and find what works for you, this year.

Set professional development goals

Teaching is a demanding career that requires professional development as education is ever-changing. While some professional development is institutionally driven, we owe it to ourselves to look outside of school to pursue personal research and continuing education.

Time management

Having good time management skills is imperative for success in our teaching careers. Here are my top ten time management tips.

Reach outside your comfort zone

Now is a good time as any to try something new in your lessons. It may be a new strategy, approach or method to try out with your pupils. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut so don’t be afraid to stir the pot, more often than not you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Connect with your pupils

Many times, curriculum constraints hinder pupil/teacher relationships. It is important that pupils are happy, enjoy learning and feel heard. Reaching out to pupils and helping them value their education will help create positive, supportive relationships and help build an environment where learning will flourish.

Till next time…

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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