Half-Term Holiday Rest

Autumn half-term, what a great time for teachers and pupils to get a breather, recharge those batteries to get them through to Christmas. Whatever your role is in a school, the hustle and bustle of school life can make you feel like you have lost some of the other parts of yourself that aren’t related to working in an educational institution. Teachers especially tend to feel guilty if they do that and can find it difficult to gain maximum benefits out of their half term holidays.

This post will help you make the most of this all too short week-long break, as it’s important to feel refreshed physically and mentally when you return for the rest of the term.

Change scenery

Take a mini break this half term and go on a short vacation if you can afford it, if not then why not just get out and about go exploring, shopping and pamper yourself. There are no shortage of options for you and your family too.

Friends & Family

During term-time I’m sure you are often too busy or tired to catch up with your non-teaching friends and time with your family is usually reduced dramatically to just the weekends. Spending time with those close to you can help you create a better work-life balance and will have a greater impact on your mental health.

Rekindle your passions

Use this week to revisit your passions outside of teaching, or try something new altogether. Don’t feel guilty for putting effort into endeavours that aren’t teaching related, having other interests and taking part in other activities will go a long way towards preventing teacher burnout.


There is nothing wrong with opting to do nothing at all. That sleep, eat, repeat cycle can do wonders for your metal and physical health and help you avoid future burnout. Listen to your body and choose what is best for you.

What are you doing this half-term break? Leave a comment below.

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Whatever you choose to do, wishing you all a great half-term break!

Till next time…

Photo by Ales Maze on Unsplash

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