Easy DIY Halloween Costume

Are you someone looking for a quick and easy costume idea for Halloween? Well, look no further because this is the post for you!

This halloween, why don’t you dress up as a mummy? A mummy costume is unisex and works great for any age.

To dress up as a mummy you will need: bandages, clips or tape and grey eyeshadow.

Wear leggings, preferably a light colour for a better effect, and a white/beige top. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any light coloured leggings but I think it worked pretty well overall.

Take the bandages and start wrapping them around you until you are happy with the effect and stick or clip them in place.

Use gauzes to tie in a few places for a spookier effect.

For the makeup, get some grey eyeshadow and smear around your eyes.

You will be mummified with the results! Muhahahaha!

Watch the video below for some giggles and possible inspiration.

Teacher mummy

Some mummy jokes for you:

  • What did the mummy order to eat when he went to a restaurant? A wrap!
  • Why do mummies never go on vacations? Because they’re afraid to unwind.
  • Where do mummies go for a swim? To the Dead Sea.

Wishing you all a spook-tacular Halloween! 👻

Till next time…

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