The Learning Bistro! Classroom Reveal 2021-22

After two years of lockdowns and school closures I start the academic year with great optimism for what is to come. For my classroom theme this year, I drew inspiration from my current cooking program obsession. Yes, I have no shame in confessing that I have found a new love for cooking programs and as a result, during the summer holidays, I binge watched all Netflix cooking series – ok not all but a lot!

Now after this confession, you can understand why nothing would be fitter than going for a classroom food related theme, this year? Cooking and shops/restaurants/ are linked with so many cross-curricular activities and my head was just buzzing with ideas.

With all these thoughts in mind, I set off googling, added to my inspiration from Pinterest images and Instagram, did some online shopping and went into school to bring all my ideas to life.

I bought some paper tablecloths (really cheap real ones) and used those as backing paper on the bulletin boards which got my creative juices flowing and ta da! Below are some photos of the final result… The Learning Bistro!

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

If you are stuck on deciding on a classroom theme then this might help.

What is your classroom theme this year?

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Till next time…

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