Talk-Less Teaching: Practice Participation and Progress – Book Review

In the book ‘Talk-Less Teaching’ by Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkham, published by Crown House Publishing, you can explore techniques on which teachers can draw to help pupils embed learning and make progress without the need for long periods of teacher talk to keep the class engaged. 

This book encourages chameleon teaching, where you adapt for the different needs of each group of pupils. This makes sense, but it’s also about being aware of the subtle signals which pupils convey back to you and adapting mid-session and going off-plan if needed by using strategies offered in the book like: The Wonderball, Boarding/Landing cards, or The Walking Chocolate Bar.

The main forte of this book is the variety of practical activities which place the talk and focus on the pupils learning rather than relying on your most valuable asset as a teacher – your voice. 

I have personally tried all the aforementioned strategies and they were a success, so I highly recommend you give them a shot. During an INSET day, Isabella Wallace talked about the importance of being patient when trying out new teaching strategies, you need to insist, persist and adapt them to suit you before you can take ownership and make them work to the extent you want them to. I think that is a note worth taking and a gentle reminder that with practice comes great things!

This is a great book that I recommend you purchase, it will give you the confidence to reach outside your comfort zone and engage your pupils further in their own learning journey.

What are your thoughts about this book? Leave a comment below.

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