End of Year Message to Pupils

In the Covid era gifts in schools are a no-no. Government regulations forbid the exchange of gifts amongst anyone in class so it was a little strange not being able to give my pupils end of year gifs. Some of my colleagues felt guilty and upset, however, I didn’t for I felt that I had really given them my all this year what with three school closures and hours of online lesson preparations. Furthermore, growing up I was never given any end of year gifts and I remember my teachers very fondly. Giving pupils gifts is something that has become routine in recent years.

When a colleague of mine found this beautiful message online, it was decided that we would gift them our love through writing this year Unfortunately, I don’t have the site to give credits to as it was shared with me so if you are the owner of this poem or know who it belongs to please leave a comment below so due credit can be given.

The poem was slightly modified, printed and bound on card, a little ribbon was added for a little extra something and the children were sent off for a lovely summer holiday with a big smile (behind the mask) and lots of love in our hearts. ❤

I hope you find some inspiration for your beloved pupils.

Till next time…

Photo by Lucas George Wendt on Unsplash

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