5 Tips To Help Your Child Change Schools Smoothly

Changing school can be a scary and daunting experience for a child but if dealt with in the right manner it can be an incredibly exciting time. Read on for five tips on how to best prepare your child move to a new school.

1. Share your feelings as a family

It is important to discuss change and highlight to your child that having feelings of uncertainty and doubt are normal. Focus on the positive and help them develop an optimistic mindset.

2. Look at different school options together

 It’s important that your child feels as much ownership and control over their new surroundings as possible as will set them up to be more responsible for and committed to their new life.

3. Say goodbyes

Give your child a chance to say goodbye to their friends. Saying goodbye allows space for new beginnings.

4. Reports

Get full reports and feedback from your child’s teachers about where they’re at academically and socially. Be honest about your child’s needs so that the school can fully support and best cater for your child.

5. Be realistic

Talk about how things might be tough for a few months, and even the first year. Be aware that everyone in the family might act a little differently as each person adjusts to the change.

If you’re preparing for such a change this year, I wish you all the best!

Remember love and understanding will get your family through anything!

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Till next time…

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