The Importance of Policies in Schools

Creating a policy within a school can be seen by many as a bureaucratic and overbearing task. To be honest it is but the real question is, is it worth it? In reality, as everyone cannot be everywhere all the time to ensure that people carry out their tasks correctly and responsibly; policies provide useful and necessary assistance to ensure this. Guidelines and rules help to increase the efficiency of work processes and a policy does just that.

Policies are important because they help a school establish operating procedures and create standards of quality for learning and teaching, as well as set out expectations and accountability. Without these, schools would lack the structure and function necessary to provide the educational needs of students. Therefore, policies are key for the success of a school, and provide many other privileges provided they are written well, to the point and kept up to date.

Many policies are just written and never changed after that. Adherence to them and making necessary changes to mirror the changes that occur on a school level are imperative as policies only stay valuable for as long as they are properly implemented and monitored.

Can there be such as thing as too many policies? I think that yes, there is always the risk of getting carried away and having too many policies. Having too many policies leads to information overload for both staff and pupils. When that happens, adherence to all the policies is less likely to happen. This can lead to frustration, causing tension between between teachers and administrators.

In a nutshell, policies are important and should be part of any school system for its smooth operation. They are necessary for administrators, teachers and pupils so long as there is not an excessive amount with information overload for all, as that would be counterproductive.

What policies do you think are the most important for any school to have?

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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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