Morning Routine In the Classroom

According to Doug Lemov of Teach Like a Champion, a morning routine “…is about making a habit out of what’s efficient, productive, and scholarly after the greeting and as the students take their seats and class begins.” It is a set of procedures that pupils follow daily as they enter the classroom. The procedures can be as simple as students knowing where to store their belongings, when and where to place completed homework assignments and what is expected of them.

Having a consistent routine that pupils follow every morning is an extremely important component of a well-managed classroom. Strong and I repeat, consistent, morning routines ensure that the day starts off on a positive note and focuses the children’s attention on the day’s tasks ahead. Teachers who establish an effective morning routine, can strengthen the classroom community, pupils’ self-esteem, and behaviour.

What works?

My morning routine is very simple; children know exactly what is expected of them. When they come into the classroom, in the morning, they are expected get ready, sit in their designated seat and read their reading book quietly until the day begins. The children look out for our shared schedule and prepare for any possible changes in the daily timetable. According to Education Leaders’ Guide to Reading Growth, 15 minutes seems to be the “magic number” at which students start seeing substantial positive gains in reading achievement. Therefore, this simple morning routine is a sure way to set them up for nothing less than success!

What are your morning routines in the classroom? Comment below.
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