5 Tips For Relaxing After A Stressful Term

It’s the first days of the holidays and yes, I won’t lie, I’m so excited! Teachers will for sure be looking forward to a well-deserved rest but some may find it hard to switch off. Looking after one’s wellbeing is imperative and will increase productivity once the new term starts. It’s the least you can do for you!
Here are some top tips for those who might find it difficult to switch off and unwind.

1. Get some fresh air 

Travelling will be hard during lockdown but there is nothing stopping you from getting out of the house to get some fresh air and oxygen into your lungs. Taking in your surroundings will reset your mind and rejuvenate your body. Holiday time is a great time to start a new routine, one that will involve exercise, looking after yourself and doing what’s best for you.

2. Pamper yourself

This may be a bit of a cliche but having a bath any day is relaxing. Since spas are currently off-limits due to Covid, take the time to treat yourself to a bubble bath but make it extra! Make sure you use a scented bubble bath that will help you feel relaxed, light candles, play relaxing music, turn off the lights and why not have a glass of your favourite drink. Make it a real pamper night and why not a pamper week!

3. Spend time with loved ones

After a long term, you might be feeling over-whelmed and tired. Now is the perfect time to give your loved ones a call or even better, go and spend time with them. Even if you don’t feel like talking much, being in the presence of family and friends can instantly make you feel more relaxed and safe. 

4. Unplug from social media

It’s hard in the world we live in today to unplug from social media because it feels like we’re unplugging from the entire world but you know what? Sometimes, that’s ok. As much as social media can bring us together it can also be detrimental to our mental health. Take time some time off, it will still be there when you decide to return to it.

5. Listen to your favorite music

Whether you’re having a bubble bath, unplugging from social media, or journaling, music makes you feel refreshed and alive. Play your favourite music and immerse yourself in it. I love listening to Jazz music, it makes me feel like I’m sitting in a cute coffee shop in New York. I haven’t been yet, but a girl can dream!

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on how to unwind and relax!

Till next time…

Photo by Mutzii on Unsplash

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