3 TED Talks to Succeed

I love TED talks, especially those that inspire you to be more productive and focused on your goals. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or jaded, watch these TED talks about productivity and working smarter by these inspirational speakers.

Take the following three steps to being more productive and achieve your goals!

1. Get more sleep

If you love sleeping and sometimes wonder if you should be sleeping less in order to achieve more, then this one is a great one to watch. You will never feel guilty about oversleeping ever again!
Arianna Huffington – How to Succeed? Get More Sleep

2. Find a Work/Life balance

Who doesn’t want to achieve a work/life balance? Make it a priority. In this TED talk, Nigel Marsh tells us about his personal journey to achieve a better work/life balance. “We have to be responsible for setting and enforcing the boundaries that we want in our lives.” N. Marsh.

Nigel Marsh – How to Make Work/Life Balance Work

3.Have some grit

According to researcher and psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth is ultimately what gets us to our goals. It is the ability to keep sight of the bigger picture, regardless of the obstacles thrown your way.

Angela Lee Duckworth – Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Which TED talks do you recommend?

Till next time

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

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