Nature Theme: Classroom Reveal 2020-21

WOW! What a year this is going to be…one month into school and the going is tough, to say the least.

New health regulations for Covid-19 pandemic require desks to face forward and children cannot change seats or work in groups. Wearing a mask is compulsory on school premisses for both teachers and students. This of course affects teaching and that has changed back to talk-more rather than talk-less teaching, something which is exceptionally hard when wearing a mask all day. We have mask breaks when needed, to help us get through the day. Oh and did I mention the online learners? Yep, lessons need to be modified to fit online learning, too, in case of school closure, something that can happen at any point in the year.

Furthermore, the reading corner has been taken away as children are not allowed to sit there and so has the carpet. The classroom this year looks very different compared to previous years.

Despite all the above, I have tried sticking to my original plan to have a camping/forest classroom theme. I had sooo many ideas and things I wanted to do! Unfortunately, I had to give up on going extra and went towards a minimalist approach.

Presenting this year’s ‘Nature’ theme! That’s what the kids named it…Ha!

I believe it creates a calm, inviting environment for learning, something which is most certainly needed during these unprecedented times we’re living in.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.
What is your classroom theme this year?

Till next time…

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