The Practical Princess – Story time

Are you at home, feeling slightly bored and don’t particularly feel like reading a book but would love to hear a story? If yes, then click on the link below and listen to me read to you one of my favourite books, ‘The Practical Princess and other Liberating Tales’.

Listen out for the sound effects!

Leave a comment below to tell me if you enjoyed it and if you would like me to read to you the next story in the book titled, ‘Stupid Marco‘.

The Practical Princess and other Liberating Fairy Tales is a collection of six short stories:
The Practical Princess
Stupid Marco
The Silver Whistle
Forgetful Fred
Philbert the Fearful

Written by Jay Williams, first published in 1978 by Parents’ Magazine Press, New York. My edition was published by The Bodley Head Ltd, 1985 in Great Britain and illustrated by Rick Schreiter.

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Till next time…


3 comments on “The Practical Princess – Story time”
  1. Jason Dokios says:

    We loved hearing about the Princess using her common sense… And the dragon exploding!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw! Thanks for your comment, Jason! I’m working on another story time video, I hope you enjoy that one, too! 👍🏼


  2. Fantasy might help you to be more creative and expand your vocabulary. It may aid in the development of self-control in children. It may even help them improve their working memory. Thank you so much!


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