Punctuating Dialogue Display Idea

One thing children always have a hard time with is punctuation. Capital letters and full stops are hard enough, commas are even harder and then…speech marks come into the picture! Yikes!

Read on if you would like to see a display idea to help children remember the rules for punctuating dialogue. <- Click here to play a game and learn more.

Speech marks fit nicely in fiction units, especially this one on fairy tales. The display is inspired by our fairy tale unit. Each cloud has a rule for punctuating dialogue, so children can refer to them if and when they get stuck. It’s a great visual, however, I would recommend you make the writing larger for the children to be able to see better from a distance. I’m even thinking of creating little mats as a classroom resource, during our writing lessons.

English Working Wall

Dialogue Clouds
Our reading corner

Let me know what you think. Like and share ❤

Till next time…

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