It’s a Zoo Around Here: The New Rules for Better Communication – Book Review

This is such a fun and quick read if you are interested in learning about a different take on communication styles and you can approach others and be heard. Read on if you want to be a ‘zookeeper’, the one who knows how to best communicate with all the animals in the zoo.

Nigel Risner has an interesting view about people’s chosen communication styles. He uses an incredible animal analogy to describe how people prefer to interact and be spoken to.

According to him, there are four categories people fall into depending on their preferred method of communication:

  • Lions – like to the point discussions, are decisive and can be short-tempered. They do not appreciate tardiness and too much detail makes them switch off. Communicate with them in a direct manner.
  • Monkeys – are passionate, enthusiastic and fun. They can be over the top and love to hear how amazing they are. If you want to get them on board get them hyped up and excited and get set to go! Don’t forget to remind them how great they are.
  • Elephants – are the reserved problem solvers. who need detail and time. They like to think about things and solve problems. They need to be spoken to in detail, be ready with lots of arguments to set your case. Once they are on board they will look at something from all perspectives and find the best solution.
  • Dolphins – are dependable and caring. They are sensitive and require a more diplomatic approach. Reach to their heart, take your time to explain and be patient with them. They are are loved by all.

With so many animals around us it’s no wonder we find it difficult to be heard and understood. Do you have a preferred communication style?

I would say I’m most definitely a lion *ROAR* as I like things to be brief and to the point. This book got me thinking about how I prefer to communicate and just because I like people to get to the point quickly, or prefer to be approached in a certain way, it doesn’t mean that every one does. I immediately tried to put people I know in the above categories and I have made a mental note about trying different approaches with some – let’s see if Nigel is as good as they say.

Leave a comment below to tell me what you think of this book?

Till next time…

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