Long Division Board Display

Classroom boards are very important when it comes to displaying useful information for children to use. Not only do they brighten up the classroom, they show visitors what the children are learning as well provide the children themselves with a helpful learning resource to use.

Below I’m sharing my Maths Working Wall on long division and an amazing anchor chart my lovely assistant made for it.

I got the idea from thing.link.com and an image uploaded by Mandy VanderMey.

Long Division Anchor Chart

The board itself tries to incorporate concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts. In this way, I’m hoping to make learning accessible to all children in the class. I find division is a difficult concept for children to grasp, especially long division and all its steps.

Maths Board for Long Division

I hope you find this post helpful.

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Till next time…

Special thanks to Ms. Carbery.

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