Fuel Your Passion for Teaching

Those of us who have been in the teaching profession for many years, must search for new challenges if we expect our 20th year of teaching to be as engaging as our first. Just like any long term, committed relationship, keeping that fire lit needs time and effort on our part.

Teaching is hard, and no one will ever really know how hard unless they themselves are a teacher. It is an exhausting occupation that really takes it out of those who give their all for their pupils learning. Most of us tend to focus on all the negative, draining aspects of the just but changing that focus to things that drive our passions for teaching, can energise our careers and relight that fire that was felt in your first years of teaching. Some of you, may still feel it to this day and if that’s you then that’s amazing! If, on the other hand you’ve lost it, don’t fret, read on for ways to help you to reignite that passion for teaching!

One way is that you could ask yourself, what is it that you have a passion for, in general? Is it connecting with the pupils? Maybe it’s enjoying a fun lesson and would like to plan more for them. It could be that you enjoy art and would love to plan a lesson around it to engage the kids. It could be that you just adore animals. Whatever it may be try to think how you could fit the things that you love, into your lessons?

One thing that never fails to keep that passion alive for me, personally, is planning a successful lesson. One that children enjoy participating in and learning is evident. The thrill that gives me, to this day is indescribable. Spend some time to plan something different, even if the curriculum or books you’re using haven’t changed, challenge yourself and change it up. Try a new teaching technique that you heard or read about, take the leap and try something new. Don’t give up if something doesn’t quite go the way you wanted it to, stick with it and it will spice up your teaching, I guarantee it.

I’ve been in the profession for 20 plus years and I continue to feel energised and passionate about teaching – most days – to this day. I love kids and I love my job, but I think I would lose some of my passion if I didn’t continually push myself to try out new things and step outside my comfort zone.

May the passion be with you!

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Till next time…

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