Six Facts About Teachers

If you are a teacher like myself then I am sure you have heard at least one, if not all of the myths below. 

Teachers, are constantly bombarded with common misconceptions about their occupation. While teachers know the truth, it seems that no one outside the teaching profession is aware of the amount of work, continuing education, and paperwork that teachers are expected to do. In fact, I’m positive that whoever said that teaching is easy has never taught!

Read on to dispel six myths about teachers. 


Myth #1: Teachers have it easy, they finish at 3.30 and they get all those holidays.

Fact #1 👈

Teaching is a tough profession. Research shows that an average teacher works a minimum of 50 hours a week. The largest amount of work happens outside teaching hours, which goes into planning lessons, resourcing, marking, monitoring and assessing children. The holidays are very much needed to recharge batteries and to keep sanity. Without them, the physical and mental strain would simply be too much for anyone to handle. To anyone who disputes that, please teach for a term without any holiday.

Myth #2  Teachers do nothing but sit behind a desk all day.


Fact #2 👈

I hate to break this to those who think that teachers just sit behind a desk all day and children miraculously learn, but they don’t. In order to cater for all children’s needs, teachers move around the classroom, sit on the floor, walk around the playground and believe it or not do actually spend the majority of the day on their feet.

Myth #3:  Teachers build up a tolerance for every germ and virus and do not get sick after teaching a few years.

Fact #3 👈

Teachers get sick because they are exposed to every germ and virus. Teachers are human and under stress, pressure and long working hours weakens the immune system. As it’s under attack from every germ and virus under the sun, it is much easier for teachers to get sick, especially when they are close to the end of term or on holiday.

Myth #4:  Teachers do nothing except play all day.


Fact #4 👈

Trust me, the last thing a teacher wants to do during a day full of teaching is to play. If however, teaching, guiding, planning, grading, assessing, accommodating, managing, and evaluating are your definition of play, then I guess yes – teachers play all day long!


Myth #5:  Teaching is easy and anyone can be a teacher.



Fact #5 👈

Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher; anyone can regurgitate facts, but teaching is a skill that requires: patience, planning, constant adapting, monitoring, assessing, improvising, recording, learning, caring, love, and that’s to say the least.


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