10 Amazing Classroom Themes

If you are like me, you may be considering changing your classroom theme next academic year. I love a fresh new start for the year and as much as my children and I enjoyed our classroom theme last year, I feel that it has come to its end. I’ve been thinking about some classroom ideas and a new theme for next year. If you’re looking for some creative ways to spice up your learning environment, I’ve got you covered; here are some of my favourites!

Read on to check out some awesome ideas and get inspired for your classroom this year!

1. Harry Potter Theme

For all those Harry Potter fans out there, this is so inspiring!

Create Dream Explore

2. Busy Bees Theme

For those busy bees, start the year with a buzz with this theme!

Clutter-Free Classroom

3. Cactus Theme

Be on point with this prickly theme!

Instagram – Let’s Celebrate Learning

4. Happy Camper Theme

Always on holiday with this relaxing classroom theme!


School Girl Style

5. Hollywood Theme

Create an Oscar winning classroom with this glamorous theme!


Clutter-Free Classroom

6. Rainbow Theme

Get colourful with a super bright theme like this one for your classroom.

Teach Outside the Box

7. Ocean Theme

Immerse your classroom with blues and greens and make a splash with this amazing theme!

The Charming Classroom

8. Superhero Theme

No classroom is ordinary with a superhero theme!

We Are Teachers

9. Travel theme

Start your new learning journey with my cute travel theme idea.

Saved you a Spot

10. Chalkboard Charm Theme

Get sophisticated with this revamped old-school style for learners of all ages.

Schoolgirl Style

Which one is your favourite? Like and share this post if it inspires you to start thinking about your classroom theme! 

Which one do you think I should go for?

What is your classroom theme going to be next year? Leave a comment below and inspire others! 💡 


Till next time…

Featured image photo by Arnel Hasanovic on UnsplashAll

All photos are linked to the sources.


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