The importance of punctuality for your child at school

Being punctual shows your respect for others and their time, it sets first impressions and is a character trait that is important for you to instill in your child, from a very young age. It will undoubtedly play an important role in their future success. Read on to see why it’s important for your child to be punctual, especially at school.

Children who are regularly late can never recover certain essential parts of their school day such as: settling down to get ready to learn, the lesson’s introduction, important announcements, discussions, questions, explanations and the thinking that makes learning come alive and gets them ready for the rest of the day.

Arriving late at school can be very disruptive for your child because it makes them feel awkward, especially when the lesson has to stop for them to enter. It causes unnecessary stress and discomfort that can affect them emotionally and socially. It is also very disruptive for the teacher as well as the other pupils in the class because it throws them off track. Research shows that children with consistent school attendance learn more. If children are to fully benefit from the many learning opportunities, regular school attendance is vital. You may think that your child is only missing a few minutes in the morning but a pupil who is 10 minutes late every day, will miss 30 hours of teaching during the year. That’s a large number of teaching hours that cannot be replaced.

A child’s success in school and ultimately in life, depends on having a solid educational background, one that is gained through punctuality and regular school attendance. When your child grows up, and seeks a job one will quickly learn that employers need reliable, dependable and responsible people to fill employment positions. Being punctual from an early age equips them with the skills to keep it up as adults.

I’m a firm believer of educating by example. Children mimic their parents. As a parent, it is important for your child to see a responsible attitude and respect for others through your punctuality. Pick them up from school on time and talk to them about the importance of being on time and the need to wake up earlier to seize the day. Remember your words become the voice your child’s head as he/she grows up into a respectful adult.

Do you think punctuality is an important trait?

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One comment on “The importance of punctuality for your child at school”
  1. Norah says:

    I agree that punctuality is important and it is best learned from the beginning by being shown a good example.

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