Why Teachers Hate the Christmas Term

Any teacher can wholeheartedly tell you that planning and teaching lessons in depth, during the last few weeks leading up to Christmas, is a real struggle!

Below are my top 5 reasons why teachers hate the Christmas term… 

Why teachers hate the Christmas term

  1. Deadlines: Reports, assessments, tests all have to be packed in before the Christmas holidays. Teachers are running left right and centre to get everything done, as well as teach interesting and engaging lessons.
  2. Children: Leading up to the Christmas holidays, the children’s energy is at its peak! The phrase climbing the walls is an understatement and getting the children to focus on anything that isn’t disguised as “Christmassy”, is nearly impossible!
  3. Teachers: Teacher’s energy, on the other hand, resembles that of a flat pancake. The days leading up to the Christmas holidays seem far and unreachable…
  4. Christmas spirit: Sometimes it’s hard for teachers to keep their Christmas spirit up, especially when they have decorated their classroom since November and have overdosed on Christmas carols and rehearsals.
  5. Christmas Crafts: Bits of paper fill the floor and glitter and glue get everywhere! Teachers go home looking like sparkly Christmas baubles. 

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Happy Holidays when they come! 🎄

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2 comments on “Why Teachers Hate the Christmas Term”
  1. Norah says:

    Ha! I can identify with lots of those, Peppi, though that’s why I think teachers need to have a good plan with lessons that are going to keep the children, interested, motivated and learning. Too often teachers give up on the teaching and provide students with “fun” activities that don’t stay fun for long due to their lack of challenge and potential for learning. The days grow longer and children’s interests shorter. To avoid it, teachers need to plan better.

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  2. Yes, Norah, you are absolutely right, but sometimes even the best of plans can go out of the window…


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