5 Free Sites to Improve Your Child’s Maths Skills

After the popular post about literacy sites, many asked for some good maths sites for children to practise their maths skills at home. Below are some of my favourite ones.

  1. Math is fun: Great for introducing and explaining maths concepts. You can find a large number of lessons and activities provided by various math faculties and global math groups that show different perspectives and teaching methods.
  2. BBC Bitesize: A great website to visit if you are looking for free maths homework help online. It has great clips which provide simple explanations while engaging the children.
  3. Primary Games Arena: Some great maths online games for children to play. It’s great if you want to get children to do something extra after completing their homework yet keeping it fun.
  4. Corbett Maths: This resource from England provides math videos, math practice questions, and worksheets with answers.
  5. Arcademics: A site that combines arcade-style games with education making it very enjoyable for children to practise their maths and English skills.

Which are your favourite maths sites to use with children?

Leave a comment below!

Till next time…

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