Why children and parents need routines

Now that it’s the summer time, adults and kids can easily sway away from their daily routines. While this is a normal thing to happen, completely changing your child’s routine constantly, can have disruptive consequences for both the child and parents. Certain family ground rules need to be set and kept to, especially in the summer holidays, for it will help keep peace in the household.

Below are 6 reasons why children and parents need routines.

1. Routines stop arguments and power struggles

Routines almost magically eliminate power struggles because the child doesn’t perceive the parent as being unfair. When the child knows the expectations, the parent is then just simply reminding them of what is expected. Activities like brushing teeth and napping can become the reason for tears and quarrels in many households, but become much easier when children understand that this is just what is done at particular times.

2. Routines help kids become independent

Over time, children learn to brush their teeth, pack their backpacks and do what is expected without constant reminders. Children need independence and routines allow for mastery and competence. Children who feel more independent and in charge of themselves have less need to rebel and be oppositional towards their parents.

3.  Routines help children be cooperative

Routines help reduce stress and anxiety for everyone, thus helping children become more cooperative. When everyone knows what is coming next, there is enough time for transitions and the responsibilities are shared.

4. Regular routines help children become organised

Regular routines help kids stay on a schedule, they help them learn to be organised. That is not to say that there can’t be or shouldn’t be times when things are unexpected and some spontaneity comes into the picture. Of course there should be, that’s part of life. For example, having a schedule where breakfast, dinner and bedtime are around the same time will help children sleep well at night.

5. Routines allow for bonding time

Building little connection rituals into your routine makes them turn into habits, making the child’s sense of security greater. Routines allow for those little precious moments to be made like tucking your child into bed, reading them a story, or giving them a morning hug and a chat when they wake up.

6. Routines help parents stick to them

Children are clever and know their parents well. If they put up a big enough fight, or tantrum, parents will often end up giving in to their children’s will, allowing for more sweets, skip brushing teeth for tonight, staying up till late etc. By having a set routine, parents are more likely to stick to healthy expectations for everyone in the family. The result will be a family with healthy habits, where everything runs more smoothly. All you need is the following motto and to stick to it.

‘This is how we do it in our household’

How is it done in your household? Do you think routines are important? Comment below.

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Till next time…

Special thanks to Ana Jazo. 

Photo by Brytny.com on Unsplash

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