Classroom Screen – A Great Tool for Educators Worldwide

Have you ever wished for a screen that has everything a teacher needs to help pupils stay on task and focus on the lessons more? If so, stop wishing and carry on reading as this post is for YOU! Laurens Koppers, a teacher in the Netherlands, kept wishing and searching for the same thing. Like us all, no such tool could be found, so he decided make his (and many others teachers’) wishes come true by making a simple, yet very effective tool for them. This tool is designed to be used by all teacher, in all lessons, to gain greater control over set tasks and maintain outstanding classroom management.

Ever since it was introduced to me by a beloved colleague, I have used it on a daily basis. It is called Classroom Screen and I highly recommend you check it out! All you need to do is to type in your search bar, or just click on the link. The digiboard widgets include: a timer, the time, traffic light, text box, noise meter, background images, languages, and lots more! What’s makes it even better is that it is constantly upgraded and new features are added on!

Oh, I forgot to add that you get all this for FREE!! I mean, how amazing!! 

A massive shout out  and thank you to Laurens Koppers for creating this – THANK YOU! ❤


You can view all it’s possibilities in this video.

I hope it helps you, like it’s helped me, with the lessons you teach. 

What other tech tools do you use in your classroom? Please share by writing in the comments below.

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Till next time…

A special thank you to Ms. Maniatis for this gem of a find💎


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  1. Wow! This is so cool!

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