Dora’s Animation: William Shakespeare Biography

Schools can limit creativity, however, when the rigidness of the school system is softened and children are allowed to create freely, they can truly take you by surprise. By giving pupils simple guidelinesthen letting them go about things in their own way, individuals will be able to experiment with their creativity and show what they are capable of.

Carnival theme this year was ‘Famous People in History’. Both teachers and children had to dress up as their chosen person (it had to be someone who was deceased) and present that person’s biography. Yes, that’s right – teachers, too – more about that in a future post, so stay tuned!

Pupils were given freedom of choice in the means they could use to create their presentation, which was then shown to the class. On Carnival day, the children came dressed up as their chosen person and presented their biographies. The results were amazing! We had all sorts: from Amy Winehouse, to Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela. The projects themselves ranged from: beautiful PowerPoints, to stunning 2-D projects on card, as well as intricate computer programming!

When motivation meets talent, no matter how old the individual is, the results will always impress. Below is an animation about Shakespeare, which left us all speechless.

Dora (age 11) created this animation. She drew the images, edited it and made the voiceover. Enjoy! ❤

Special thanks to Dora and her family, for allowing this animation to be featured on the blog. 

Till next time…


3 comments on “Dora’s Animation: William Shakespeare Biography”
  1. Norah Colvin says:

    It is a great animation. Congratulations, Dora. She is already an expert.

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    1. Yes, she amazed us all!


  2. ipeadia says:


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