Free resources to teach spelling words with a ‘ce’ pattern ‘soft c’ sound

Learn how to spell words with a ‘soft c’ sound and ‘ce’ spelling pattern, with this fun engaging lesson. I used the spelling words found on the Twinkl PlanIt unit, but came up with a different way to teach the spelling words for the week.

For this lesson you will need the PowerPoint to guide you.
DOWNLOAD an editable copy by clicking on the image below.

Free Editable PowerPoint

Get the bingo cards I created by clicking on the bingo cards image to download for free! 

Free Downloadable Bingo Cards

Warm up activity
How many words can the children find in 1 min with the ‘ce’ pattern at the beginning, middle or end.

Main body
Put children in groups and hand out list of the 10 spelling words. In groups, children have to work collaboratively to share their understanding and explain to everyone in the group what the words mean. The children may use a dictionary to find out the definitions of the words that no one from the group knows. They make note of the ones they don’t know and write or draw what they mean on their list. that the children have worked together and shared their knowledge of the definitions, have a whole class consolidation of the meanings, to make sure everyone knows them. Hand out the bingo cards and play the game. Make sure the children are familiar with the rules of the game.

Have a spelling bee with the words they have been practising.

Do you like the Bingo Game idea? Make your own free bingo cards HERE!

Let me know how you got on with this lesson by commenting below.

Till next time…

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