Internet Safety

The internet provides instant knowledge at your fingertips, but together with the abundance of information and opportunities for communication, many dangers lurk in the abyss of online technology. Online safety is without doubt a top priority for both parents and teachers, who allow and expect children to access the internet for their entertainment and education.

Schools have filters to protect children from reaching unwanted sites, and so will many homes, but educating your child on the importance of protecting themselves from the perils of the net, will equip them with the right tools to do so.

In class, teachers can address the issue by having a class discussion and making them aware of the dangers. This presentation aims to give guidance to such a lesson and is created to help children take clear steps when it comes to being internet-safe. Click on the image below to access it, you will need a google account as its via Google Slides.

It is important for parents and teachers to be on the same page. Parents can also use the presentation to have an open discussion about internet safety and set their ground rules. A great platform for doing just that, is The Smart Talk. It allows for parents and children to discuss about taking the responsibility of becoming an internet user, as well as setting ground rules for the usage of other devices. Once you have a signed agreement, it will be your ground rules by which your child will abide by. An added bonus is that because its creation is a mutual agreement between you and your child mutual it will be more meaningful to them, thus respected.

Going back to parents and teachers being on the same page, encourage your child to take the agreement to school and show their teacher. Maybe it will prompt an internet-based discussion or one about responsible usage of technological devices; whatever the outcome it will most definitely spread awareness of helping your child to be safe as well as managing their internet time effectively and democratically.

Please share to help with internet safety awareness.

Till next time…

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