7 Creative uses for binders in the classroom

With larger classroom sizes, shorter breaks, and the million and one things teachers end up stuffing into the days, having the mind-space to come up with creative ideas to keep learning fresh can be more than a little challenging. After all, it’s hard enough just keeping the classroom tidy after dozens (or hundreds!) of students spend time there. And, of course, one of the hardest things is keeping the classroom stocked on a budget of both money and time.

Guess what? You can do all of those things with one item that you’re bound to find in every single classroom, backpack, and student’s bedroom: the binder!

This DIY article (and handy, dandy accompanying infographic) is chock full of ways to use binders to stay organized, boost learning, and get creative – all with a time table and price tag both teachers and students can afford.

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Creative uses for binders in the classroom

I hope you enjoyed this guest post as much as I did and it inspires you to get creative with those binders! 🙂

Till next time…


2 comments on “7 Creative uses for binders in the classroom”
  1. Norah says:

    Great suggestions. I have used many of these – but not for storing art supplies. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I’m happy you found it useful 🙂
      Thanks for liking 😉😉😉

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