Back to school after the winter break

Getting back into the school routine can be tough for both pupils and teachers. Everyone is used to sleeping in, getting to bed late and doing what they like, so adjusting to the school routine may take some time. What can you do for adjusting back to school? Read on to find out more.



Some teachers feel that they should avoid diving straight into schoolwork after the break. I’m a firm believer of the opposite. Years of teaching experience has proven that  the sooner you get everyone back into their routine, the better. Trying to ease in by prolonging the break with irrelevant fun activities will only make it harder for everyone to adjust and will delay the delivery of the curriculum, aiding to stress and anxiety toward the end.


Children associate their school day to a particular routine and will be expecting that upon their return. Try to keep as close to it as possible as it will aid to their sense of familiarity and security, helping them to learn and perform well. Re-igniting the teacher-pupil bond, is necessary after the winter break. Discussing how the pupils spent their winter break and sharing experiences helps create bonding within the classroom setting. It also gives the teacher added information about their pupils’ psychology and will help them read between the lines, if needed. I always like to start the day, sharing such experiences and allowing everyone to voice what they would like to share, making them feel listened to and respected.


Planning a little fun activity during the day to welcome them back to school, such as a little fun New Year’s resolution worksheets, goes down well to break up lesson intensity. The winter break return is the perfect time to teach children to reflect upon the past year and to make positive changes for the new year. Brainstorming a few resolutions as a class, can give children some ideas about making ones for themselves. Work from this, will also make a good display for the new year, now that your classroom will have been stripped from all the colourf Christmas displays.


Winter break was a time for rest and relaxation, now it’s back to school time and time for some work, work, work. Be considerate and flexible, some children may need more time to adjusting. Work well and hard because those who work hard, do well!


Wishing you all a great start to the second term! 

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

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3 comments on “Back to school after the winter break”
  1. I was an elementary school teacher for several years. Your advice is sound and practical. Happy New Year, Peppi. Wish you the best for the upcoming term. Smiles xx

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    1. Happy New Year, Stelina! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m very happy you liked this post. Are you not in teaching any longer?


      1. No, gave it up eight years ago for several reasons. Love what I’m doing now. 🙂


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