‘Bear’ Necessities for Teachers

Saved you a Spot recommends keeping a few essential things on hand to make your teacher life easier. For all you honey-bear-teachers out there, below you will find the simple, ‘bear’ necessities, that no teacher can go without! 🐻🐻🐻


🐻 Water

water-bottle-png-pictureThe essence of life and the best way to keep your body and throat hydrated so as to avoid viruses clinging onto a dry throat. WHO is guilty of not drinking enough?? I sure am! Luckily, our new coffee delivery comes with a free water bottle which is bright and colourful and helps me remember to stay hydrated! Download a free app on your phone for water reminders, if you forget to keep  hydrated.


🐻 Coffee

coffee-pics-9All teachers at some point  in the day may feel tired. To help them get through that dip, we call on caffeine to save the day! Coffee will keep you alert and help you get everything done faster and more efficiently, till it begins to wear off… Then, I hope you are back at home and unwinding after a long day’s work.


🐻 Laminating pouches

JFK Binding
JFK Binding

My newfound addiction; one just can never buy enough. With all these new  readily available resources you can find online, laminating makes so much sense to make them durable! Posters and displays also look more professional and effective when laminated. Off to buy some more, straight after this post, as our school supply is way too limited.


🐻 Teacher planner

I feel utterly lost without my Teacher Planner. I need it by me at all times. In schools things are constantly changing and writing everything down helps keep you on track. Get my Teacher Planner for free by clicking HERE.

🐻 Shoes

The Cornerstone
The Cornerstone

Many people think that teaching is a sitting down job, that all you do is sit down and the children come to you. Allow me tell you it is NOT. Teachers are constantly on their feet, walking around. Shoes need to be comfortable and practical. I have so many nice pairs of shoes that unfortunately my feet won’t allow me to wear to work, so I end up with putting on what I call ‘teacher shoes’, and my man calls ‘granny shoes’. What kind of shoes do you wear to work?


🐻 Colourful pens


I just love colourful pens!! Everything just takes on a new look when you write in colour. I have so many, yet I still manage to lose them; I am constantly looking for a pen to write with. Luckily, I found a way to always keep some with me, when I have my teacher planner. I bought this mini pencil case, which fits beautifully into the binder rings.


🐻 Hand Sanitizer

Livestrong.comThis is a must for all teachers to have on their desk. No amount of hand sanitizer will take the place of a good old hand was with warm soap and water, but it can help kill of some germs. Teachers come in contacts with so many individuals and it is important for them to use it to kill off unwanted germs because a trip to the WC is not the easiest of things to do with a class full of children.


🐻 To-do Lists

img_0080Download this fantastic To-do list from Erica Bohrer at Teachers Pay Teachers. I love this particular one because it can be customized and used time and time again. I have laminated it and use post-it’s for each section. It is a must in my teacher planner, I highly recommend it.

🐻 Post-its


Reminders, reminders, reminders. Teaching has an ever-evolving schedule. No matter how prepared you thing you are, something will always change the last minute. Post-its are life savers for any teacher as they can be stuck anywhere and then just thrown away without leaving a trace.


🐻 Paper clips

WanzijiaThe way we teach today has resulted in a tonne load of photocopying. Personally, I have photocopying coming out of my ears! What would I do without these beautiful metallic wonders? Paper clips for organizing papers and keeping you sane.

These are my teacher essentials, what are some of yours?

Leave a comment below to share your ‘bear’ necessities! 🐻🐻🐻

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

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