Stress Less!

Today all we hear about is stress – stress at home, at work, in the family. Our lives are running on fast forward and our bodies are not designed for this constant fast-track life. Stress levels hit red, leading to problems in relationships, moods and a variety of serious mental and physical health problems. We hear about it so much that we are led to believe it is normal, but we must remember, it is not.

So, how can you turn it around and stress less? I write stress less because I believe it is unavoidable in certain circumstances, but not uncontrollable. Keep on reading to see the 5 steps you can take, to less stress.


#1 Make a list – prioritise!

Most of the time, the reason we tend to feel anxiety is because of the clutter in our minds. We have so much to do yet very little time to get it done.The best answer to this problem is to prioritise our responsibilities. Ask yourself, ‘What needs to get done first?’. Make a plan, or to-do-list in order of priority. As you tick things off, you’ll notice your agenda becoming more and more approachable. Mapping everything out puts your mind at ease and will help you get your tasks with little to no anxiety because you will be tackling it one step at a time. You can’t be getting stressed about the things you should be doing because you will be doing them!


Be around positive people. People who understand you and feel for you. Sharing your emotions with others can help you free of them but sometimes, if they are negative, they can be just as addictive to others. Try and create a good atmosphere, think positive and be supportive of others. Share the burden of your workload with others and maybe allocate certain things to colleagues or friends who can help. Do not try to do everything by yourself, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Work as a team and encourage others for their achievements. In due time you will get there!


Yeah, I know… What a cliche! But it’s true, doing some physical exercise (you enjoy doing) will help keep your stress levels under control.Studies show time-and-time again that working out helps ease stress and makes us feel energized for the day. Can’t wait for my dancing classes to start!!!!! They help me restart my brain, focus and have fun! Find what works for you!


Feeling pushed for time and craving for that juicy hamburger, just to make you feel a bit better. Been there, done that! Having a balanced diet, during periods of stress is important. Over-doing it on junk food will push your stress levels higher and have you on a mad mood-swing roller-coaster ride. Try to eat healthy food, but if you have that chocolate craving, reach out for a small piece of dark chocolate. Research has shown that it will help you focus! Yay!


Do I hear a snigger? Are you thinking how can I sleep well when I am stressed? Well, if you have taken the first 4 steps above, this should be a piece of cake! Have a nice relaxed bath before your bedtime and get some good night’s rest. You are getting things done, you are doing it! The stress is already less! Sweet dreams! 🙂

 I write this post to have something to fall back upon, in times of stress. I hope it helps others in times of need and acts as simple steps to follow, to overcome that stress FAST!

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

Special thanks to D.H. – my unconditional support.

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