Teach the Teacher Day! A great activity!

The end of year is always a more relaxed and dare I say creative time of the year. What with the bulk of the curriculum covered and the end of year tests over and done with, teachers are allowed some time to get creative and pupils benefit greatly!

This year we tried out Teach the Teacher Day! We assigned a day where the pupils would get to BE the teacher, and TEACH the teacher!!

I have to say this was such a huge success! The children came in with some incredible topics and ideas and to be honest, I learned many things, ranging from football, to ballet, to famous people and science! I could not believe how much originality and knowledge the children expressed when they were allowed some freedom to choose their own topic and prepare a lesson for us.

The original idea came from http://www.notjustaworksheet.com. I loved the worksheet, but wanted to modify it slightly and make some adjustments to suit my class’  needs, so I decided to create my own version of it, which you can see below.


Teach the Teacher Day Free Download
Teach the Teacher Day Free Download

I highly recommend you try this, if you haven’t already done so! It’s incredibly inspiring from a teacher’s point of view and insightful about the children’s characters. Feel free to download my version of the worksheet and guidelines below, or go to http://www.notjustaworksheet.com to download theirs! Whichever you choose, it will be a definite success!

I have uploaded some photos which were taken on that day, so you can get a feel of it. Some children used a PowerPoint presentation, others wrote on the board, showed YouTube clips, made presentations to teach us what they were interested in. All the lessons were great!

This particular lesson was about fragrances and their effect on people. It left our classroom smelling amazing! ❤

Materials used to teach the lesson on fragrances.
Lesson on Fragrances
Great classroom participation and concentration! We learned so much!

Please share your thoughts or a comment to tell me how it went, if you download this worksheet and decide to give it a go!

Special thanks to all my pupils who made this day a success! ❤

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

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