Teachers – Use vacations wisely to develop as professionals.

The end of the school year has come and it’s finally time to start unwinding. Keep refreshed, energetic and passionate about teaching and learning by following these 5 simple steps: relax, refuel, renew, reflect and plan. These steps, by Theresa London Cooper on teachernetwork.org, will guarantee to help you make the most of your vacations and keep your teaching mojo high, for the start of the new school year.

professional development
Richard Carlson Ph.D. states that many teachers lose their enthusiasm and energy for what they do, by not taking advantage of the breaks they are given. Vacations are as crucial to teachers as the academic year itself. There is one reason why teachers are given these holidays and that is because they are needed!

Read on to find out how you, can improve as a professional in 5 simple steps, by making the most of your vacations.

Relax image

This can be easier said than done, since usually straight after school ends, there are so many loose ends left to tie up. Once those have been sorted and it’s hit home that school is actually over, you can start to relax. That’s what happens to me. I usually need about a week for it to sink in that I am officially on holiday and for my body clock to adapt to summer mode. Unwind by watching a good movie, going to the beach, reading a good book, sleeping and arranging to meet friends.

Refuel image

Take a vacation with someone special or just on your own. Going to new places and seeing new things will recharge those empty batteries, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. I love travelling and I always dream of going to far away places. Sightseeing, buying souvenirs, dinners and strolls are all part of making memories, living new adventures and making the most of this time.

Renew  image

Once you have returned and rested, your mind will be renewed and open to new ideas. Have conversations with friends and colleagues about implementing new ideas into your teaching next year. Stay up to date by surfing the net for the upcoming trends in teaching, reading teacher magazines to further develop as a professional and to further inspire you for the upcoming year.

Reflect  image

When you are ready and the time comes, reflect on the past year and think of ways to refine your practice. Think of what you would change, but also of what you would keep the same. This procedure will help you with the next.

Plan  image

Once you have reflected it’s time to plan the first few days of the beginning of the year. Think about what steps you will take in implementing your new ideas. Think about your classroom and what theme or colour scheme you will use for the new year. Think about furniture arrangement and workstations. Put it down into writing so you don’t forget – like me. This will leave you readily prepared for the exciting new year to come!


Taking care of ourselves as people, teachers and above all professionals will only help in motivating our pupils. You owe it to yourselves as well as the pupils you teach!

Happy teachers inspire happy learners! 

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni







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