A possible solution to the planning mayhem?

A while back I came across the 5 minute lesson plan. I mean a 5 minute lesson plan?? Imagine that! Of course, it was love at first sight!


Planning in general should be effective for both teachers and pupils. It should not be an endless time-consuming task that takes up every last minute of a teacher’s rapidly decreasing time. The irony of lesson planning is that there is no direct correlation between quality and quantity. The amount of time one spends on planning every minuscule part of it, trying not to leave anything out, will not guarantee a great lesson. Therefore, lesson planning should be done within a reasonable time, where the central focus is on progression.

What I love about this lesson plan, apart from the fact that it seems to balance efficiency and progress, is the design. It’s attractive, simple, to the point and follows my motto:

Less is more! 

You can easily download it from tes.co.uk

The short video below, worth watching, explains how the 5 Minute Lesson Plan works. It seems teacher efficient and caters for the needs of all children in the classroom. What are your thoughts on it? Could you use it effectively in the classroom?

Many teachers (myself included), on the brink of an inspection, seem to go on a planning frenzy   but, is it really needed? I cannot help but ask myself…

“Ofsted do not require a lesson plan; but evidence of a planned lesson!” Ofsted inspector.

This quotation has been cited throughout the teaching & learning community, more specifically on tes.co.uk, teachertoolkit.me and teachingbattleground.wordpress.com. It is also backed up by Ofsted inspections – clarification for schools , a document confirming facts about the requirements of Ofsted and dispelling myths that can result in unnecessary workloads in schools.

So there it is in black and white, less writing in planning but more quality thinking and preparation. Could this 5 Minute Lesson Plan be the solution to the planning madness that lies ahead?

Do leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

Featured image downloaded from lessonplansos.blogspot.com 

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